Cezar Constantine, a wonderful actor, invited to RomaniaVipPress!


Cezar Constantine, one of the rising young actors attempting to conquer the film world,

„I remember taking family trips and enjoying the nature in our area, as well as beginning to learn about cinema, the arts, and the opportunities of being a European in the US. It felt like living in many worlds at once, which further fueled my creative spirit and drive for success”.


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Ana Magdin: Cezar Constantine, you are one of the rising young actors in the US! You are known for your roles in King Lear – what were these roles, how did you acquire the casting and how did filming go?

Cezar Constantine: Thank you for speaking with me today! I remember my audition for King Lear, it was initially a video filmed from my bedroom in New York City. I performed a monologue from Henry V and was selected to come in to read for the King of France. However, I was offered the role of the Herald first and then acquired the role of the King of France a few days later as well, which required a change in appearance and character over the course of filming. Working with many highly polished and experienced Shakespearean actors on a classic film set was a great educational experience for me as an actor and performer.



Ana Magdin: You’ve had several roles in short films, which ones have been the most important to your soul?

 Cezar Constantine: Some of the most transformative and meaningful roles for me have actually come in short films, where I got to work with many talented and passionate young filmmakers in creating entire characters and roles in the context of a shorter viewing experience for the audience. Creative films such as Mosden where I got to play a dark and abstract villain comes to mind, and some others yet to be released. Passion and creative drive make the best projects, from the highest budget studio endeavors to independent cinema and even short art projects by young hungry filmmakers.


Ana Magdin: How was your upbringing in Virginia, and which memories stand out the most during your teenage years?

 Cezar Constantine:I had a great upbringing in Virginia after my move from Barlad. I played competitive tennis at the national level, I made friends, learned American customs and went to public school. I remember taking family trips and enjoying the nature in our area, as well as beginning to learn about cinema, the arts, and the opportunities of being a European in the US. It felt like living in many worlds at once, which further fueled my creative spirit and drive for success.

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Ana Magdin: You have Bachelor’s Degrees from Boston College in Marketing and Psychology – when did you feel you should choose acting as a career pursuit?

Cezar Constantine: I appreciated my education in Business and Psychology from such a prestigious school but I felt my soul was creative first and foremost, and needed to be involved in art in order to feed itself. I experimented with acting starting out in college and loved it as a form of expression and self-transformation, and during my senior year I decided to dive right into it and use my acquired knowledge of business and Psychology to supplement my focus on the artistic aspects of filmmaking and cinematic storytelling.


Ana Magdin: What were your first experiences as an actor?

Cezar Constantine: My first experiences as an actor involved student films, classes and a whole lot of reading! I realized I had to go out there and risk looking foolish in order to learn my craft, and after some interesting auditions and instructions from top acting teachers I began feeling more in tune with the essence of film, the camera and becoming one with the characters I was working on in order to become a paintbrush for the larger stories being told. Ironically I had to learn to become more myself in order to become better at being  someone else.

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Ana Magdin: You’ve already had several appearances in films, television and film festivals across the US and you are currently becoming more in-demand for various roles – what do you wish for yourself in the next phase of your life as an international actor?

Cezar Constantine: It’s very important to me to collaborate with other artists that are passionate and consumed by their craft and tell stories that are meaningful and touch people at personal deep and emotional levels. I see the craft as an avenue to express true parts of human nature and remove the boundaries that separate us as humans and cohabitators of this world. The language of cinema is universal and I want to become a bigger part of developing and showcasing the true potential of humans in the form of new characters, new stories and new ways to express what makes us unique. The experience of cinema changed my life and as an actor and artist I want to be able to inspire and do that for others as well.

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Ana Magdin: What are you up to now and are you preparing for any projects?

Cezar Constantine: I’m currently living in New York and looking for the next project that touches my soul and changes the way I perceive life. I’m always learning, auditioning and improving myself in as many ways as I can in order to become a more complete person, which will hopefully translate to my art as well. I’m open to chance and possibility and you can never know where the next amazing piece of art or the next great collaboration will come from. As long as you’re open and ready, I believe the right opportunities will come and I’ll be able to participate in the new wave of cinematic creation blossoming across the world.


Ana Magdin: Do you have any role models in the field of acting?

Cezar Constantine: I have many influences and artists that have touched me in my experience with cinema, and each actor brings their own personality and nuance to each role they inhabit. Some of the most influential for me have been Daniel Day-Lewis, Marlon Brando, Robert de Niro, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.

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Ana Magdin: What do you wish for yourself in life? What would give your soul and spirit the most meaning?

Cezar Constantine:More than anything, I would like my life to be artistically fulfilled and useful to others. I wish to be able to live as a full time artist, creating new windows through which people can see themselves and telling meaningful stories about the love, pain, ecstasy, comedy and tragedy of being a human. I wish to acquire a body of work I can be proud of and others after me can see as an inspiration and meaningful addition to their lives. We are all passing through and leaving a small piece of ourselves on this earth, and I hope my piece can contribute to the betterment of the human race in some shape or form.


Ana Magdin: A thought for Romanians across the world!

Cezar Constantine: As I have grown and learned more about my place of origin, I realize the great cultural and spiritual power that has risen and continues to rise from Romania and the lands surrounding it. The spirit of the culture had been suppressed but now as it rises again I encourage all young artists, innovators and influencers to use their energy and voice to transform and enhance the soul of the collective in positive and creative ways. We carry the deep history of the land and those that have survived before us in our blood, and it is our responsibility to give fuel to the fire that has built us.

As one rises so everyone can rise!

Ana Morosanu Magdin