KIEU BICH HAU, Journalist and writer from Vietnam, invited to RomâniaVipPress!




Member of Vietnam Writers’ Association



Born in 1972 in Hung Yen Province, Vietnam

Associate Head of the External Affairs Office of Vietnam Writer’s Association

Former Deputy Editor-in-chief of Intellectual Magazine.

Now living in Hanoi, Vietnam


Awards in Literature:

Literary Award for the Youth in 1992 by Tien Phong Newspaper and Nguyen Du School for creative writting.

Second Award in The short story contest organized by Literature Newspaper in 2007.

Award in the short story contest organized by Military Arts & Literature Magazine in 2009.

Award for short story by the Naval Command in 2015
Award for excellent short story by Military Arts & Literature Magazine in 2015.

Published books:

Road of Love (Volume of short stories, 2007)

Orphaned waves (Volume of short stories, 2010)

Golden cloud (Volume of short stories, 2011)

Follow the Lily aroma (Volume of short stories, 2011)

Green Camomile (Novel, 2012)

The weird dream (Volume of short stories, 2012)

Change the life (Volume of essays, 2014)

Pub of mice (Volume of short stories, 2015)

Roses can not stand in a shrimp paste jar (Volume of short stories, 2017)

Smart Wife (Volume of short stories, 2019)

– The last song (Selection of poems and short stories, 2019 – English version)

– The Lieutenant General who had worked 9 years in the Dragon House (Life story, 2020)

– The Flying red arrow (Volume of short stories, 2020)

The Unknown (Volume of bilingual poems: English and Italian – 2020)

– The Heaven is us in the ultimate humanity (Volume of short stories, 2021)

Being invitee of:

  • The International Poetry Festival “Europa in Versi” 2020, 2021 in Como, Italy
  • The International Sofia GlosiFest 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria

-The Rimay Poetry Festival 2021 in Budapest, Hungary



To a tea, with Kieu Bich Hau,

„Being a Journalist, I can meet many elite people in the world and talk with them, interview them and learn smart knowledge from them. I can also discover lots of far and strange lands with different cultures. I can help people to change and develop for a better world, to reach the higher level of mind by my articles and works!”




Ana Magdin: Dear Kieu Bich Hau, you are an angel, your poems emanate love, suffering …, what inspires you?

Kieu Bich Hau : I am a woman who is living in the Eastern Asia and inherit the long term traditions and customs. In my life, I have passed many different experiences with happiness and sufferings also. Being a woman, a lover, a wife and a mother, I have had an endless burdens from the family, the work and society, too. In Vietnamese society, women are being expected to be a good worker in the office, good mother to her children, while being a gentle, good wife who always pampers and listens to the husband. I used to be exhauted all the time at my age of 25 to 35 because of those burdens. Then my first marriage was broken. I got marriage one more time with a Czech man. We were very happy, but then I lost my husband for his lung cancer after 8 years of marriage. All the sufferings and burdens can not stop me from falling in love one more time. A new, strange and powerful love which never comes to a marriage inspires me much to write poems. Those poems manifests my wisdom in love and life now after the hard adversities and incidents.

Ana Magdin: Where were you born, where do you live right now?

Kieu Bich Hau: I was born in Hung Yen province which is a rural North plain of Vietnam. I am living now in Hanoi capital, a one thousand years old city.



Ana Magdin: What does Vietnam mean to your soul?

Kieu Bich Hau: Vietnam is a sacred word to me. It is my Mother Land where I have found the endless inspiration to live, to love, to create and to write poems, prose. Vietnam is a prosperous country where I can find a lot of interesting people,  a rich nature and diverse culture. It is the beautiful and familiar images such as the girls in the hat and white Ao dai – the national costume (a long, split tunic dress worn over trousers) walking slowly in the streets; The green bamboo groves surround the ancient villages; The long rivers hug the vast rice fields…

Ana Magdin: What funny childhood memories do you have?

Kieu Bich Hau: I remember one afternoon, I sat on the low wall which bounded the pigs inside and told some funny stories to the neighbour children. I made up the unreal stories to tell them, and they opened their mouths to listen to me. They stayed there listening to my stories until late afternoon and their parents came back home from the field, shouting at them because they did not cook the meal for dinner as usual. They all were spanked by their parents.



Ana Magdin: What do you love most about this world?

Kieu Bich Hau: I love all the forests in our world. I think that the forests can save our souls. All the miracles are remained in forests. Whenever you come into a forest, you will feel happy, your mind will calm down and you will find the meaning of your life again. All my dreams and creations come from the forests. If I was not a writer, I would become a forest keeper or planter. I have written some short stories about forests.

Ana Magdin: Kieu Bich Hau, what makes you happy?

Kieu Bich Hau: An excellent short story, a profound book, a meeting with my soulmate in Roma or Karlovy Vary, a motorbike riding along Vietnam with my lover, a trip to Europe with my children, a trekking into a forest… can make me happy.



Ana Magdin: Why did you want to become a journalist?

Kieu Bich Hau: Being a Journalist, I can meet many elite people in the world and talk with them, interview them and learn smart knowledge from them. I can also discover lots of far and strange lands with different cultures. I can help people to change and develop for a better world, to reach the higher level of mind by my articles and works.

Ana Magdin: How is your life in Vietnam, how are the people there?

Kieu Bich Hau: The life in Vietnam is still largely different from the city to the village. The people in city have more chances to get better jobs and develop themselves with higher living standard, while the people in the rural area still have low standard life. But most of Vietnamese people are working hard to build our country.


Ana Magdin: What do you know about my country, do you know Romania?

Kieu Bich Hau: Bride kidnapping is one of the unique customs in Romania. I am interested in the tradition of robbing the bride right in front of the groom and guests. I would like to come to Romania and see this strange event by my eyes. I have a close friend – a Romanian writer who is now living in Cluj – Napoca. Her name is Andrea H. Hedes. She usually emails to me and write a lot about Romania. I wish to visit Cluj – Napoca and Bucharest in Romania as soon as the Covid – 19 ends.

Ana Magdin: A thought for people everywhere!

Kieu Bich Hau: Do a miracle thing to another people each day!


Ana Moroșanu Magdin