Austin Goh, Wears “Vibrant Power” T-shirt, from Nelln by Nelly Nastase!

The Famous Kung Fu Master Austin Goh, Wears “Vibrant Power” T-shirt, from Nelln by Nelly Nastase!









Born in Malaysia, Austin Goh studied martial arts since he was five years old. In 1972, he went to England to continue his studies in physical education and to learn English. One night in London, he met his master Lee thing, who was a disciple of Yip Man in the fifties. Austin thinks there shouldn’t be formulas or secret techniques in any style of martial arts, since he studied alone so that no one will know his fighting techniques!


In 1983, Austin appeared on the British show “Just Amazing” where he performed a chi demonstration, making him the first Chinese master ever to appear on British television Through a demonstration of his chi, Austin has set a new world record by breaking fifteen four inch bricks. This earned him the nickname “Wing Chun’s iron man” Known widely for his fighting abilities, he was the Qatar Prince’s guard, and now, he is proudly wearing the “Vibrant Power” T-shirt by Nelly Nastase, from her brand Nelln!

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